Kenya Project

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Area: total of 580,367 sq km

Area - Comparison:

slightly more than twice the size of Nevada




English (official)

Kiswahili (official)

Numerous indigenous languages


Protestant 45%

Roman Catholic 33%

Muslim 10%

indigenous beliefs 10%

other 2%

   Ethnic Groups:

   Kikuyu 22%

   Luhya 14%

   Luo 13%

   Kalenjin 12%

   Kamba 11%

   Kisii 6%

   Meru 6%

   Other African 15%

   Non-African 1%


50% is below the poverty average

    You can be a part of the first projecti68 team to go to Africa. Your team will  be working with Elijah and Ellen Ombati helping  the needy street children  of Nasha, Kenya. Many are the victims of aids. The project will be mostly construction work. You will have an opportunity to go on a safari the last day in the country. Due to the nature of the project, the missionary requests that all team members be at least 16.

Nasha, Kenya

Dates:   Dates & Cost to be announced later