Honduras Project

Facts about Honduras

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Area: total of 112,090 sq km

Area - Comparison:

slightly larger than Tennessee


7,792,854 (July 2009 est.)

Official Language:



Roman Catholic: 97%

Protestant: 3%

Ethnic Groups:

90% Mestizo

7% Amerindian

2% Black

1% White


3rd poorest country in the west

50% is below the poverty average

    - 3.7 Million People


    You will conduct a 3-day children's program at the youth center, lead a children's program at a government sponsored daycare, and minister to children as well as help with the grounds of a nearby orphanage. Your team will get to know the youth of Honduras. You will have the opportunity to visit in the homes of some of the most gracious and loving Christians you'll ever meet and worship with these brothers and sisters in Christ in Honduras.

    Construction opportunities will be a part of this project.  Your team will build a home or do much needed repairs to homes. There will be time to relax at the beautiful beach of Playa Guayaba and souvenir shopping at Valley of the Angels.  A parting banquet awaits you with authentic Honduras cuisine.

Tegucigalpa,  Honduras

Dates: June 29-July 21, 2018

Cost:  $2,004.07